Pedagogical resources

Here you can find some online resources for pedagogical purposes and teacher development. For further academic reading, go to presentations and publications.

Classroom videos with a plurilingual approach

French as a second language teaching in France

An introduction by the Marille project coordinador Klaus-Börge Boeckmann and excerpts taken from the DVD "Comparons nos langues" (collection RFVM) von Nathalie AUGER, June 2005. © CRDP de l'académie de Montpellier

English language lessons in the UK

An introduction by Klaus-Börge Boeckmann available "This shows how in classrooms where not many languages are present one can work with language varities instead."

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German language lessons in Austria

A school that has made multilingualism a main focus of its profile.

Other videos


A YouTube video about Moises, a ten-year-old student, struggles to communicate in his new school with limited access to his native language.

Links to plurilingual materials

Ethnologue. Information on 7,105 known living languages, endangerment, statistics.

I am plurilingual. Samples of the plurilingual multimodal texts created with students across a variety of school sites in Canada and France (doctoral dissertation by Gail Prasad). 

Imgur. A few words, their language representatives and etymologies presented in the map of Europe.

Invisible. A childrens' online book in 30 languages.

Multilingual songbook. Children songs in different languages. The different language versions of the same song are connected with each other.

Numbers from 1 to 10 in more than 5000 languages and information about languages and language families.

Omniglot. Online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages.

Poems in different languages and a classroom video about poems.

Proverbs in different languages with translations.

Wikipedia. List of official languages and information about these languages and the countries where they are spoken.


European Core Curriculum for Inclusive Academic Language Teaching (IALT)
(EUCIM-TE = European Core Curriculum for Mainstreamed Second Language Teacher Education). Dowload the materials.