Study materials

Here are the study materials. The first thing you should do is get to know the types of students described in the learner profiles. Next, move on to the study materials themselves, which are divided into three overlapping thematic fields - Individual, Society and School – each one providing a different perspective on learners and the learning environment.


The study materials for pre- and in-service teacher education are divided into three thematic fields:

  • Individual (plurilingual individuals)
  • Society (multilingual society)
  • School (the core content of the language of schooling as a school subject)

In each thematic module, the study materials are outlined as follows:

  • What will you learn in this section lists the focus points of the section
  • Reflect on the key ideas provides you with essential background information (in some instances this is integrated into the Activities)
  • Activities supports you in developing your language of schooling teaching practices

In order to create and develop your own plurilingual practices, the study materials aim to help you:

  • learn more about your students: their language and learning skills and prior knowledge and experiences
  • reflect on yourself as a plurilingual agent: your attitudes, knowledge and skills
  • analyse the current learning environment in your own region: commonly adopted practices, tasks and materials
  • explore and compare the features of a plurilingual learning environment and collaborate with other school subjects to develop a pedagogical culture at the whole-school level