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What is the MALEDIVE project?

The MALEDIVE project aims to encourage everyone to DIVE into languages, might it be majority, second or foreign language. We also hope that the connotation of sunny islands adds to the positive image of the project 

Majority language (sometimes called mother tongue as a school subject) refers to German in Germany, Italian in Italy, Turkish in Turkey etc.
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What are we doing in the MALEDIVE project?

We aim to move away from prevailing monolingual approaches to majority language teaching and teacher education, instead promoting pluralistic approaches and an enriched view of educational possibility. We see diversity as potentiality, rather than deficiency. 

The issues we are concerned about in majority language teaching are as follows:

  • What kinds of approaches can be used for developing learners’ language repertoire in the majority language classroom?
  • How can a plurilingual approach be embedded in the ML curriculum and integrate it with other learning contents?
  • How can productive cooperation and shared vision be enhanced among teachers of different types of languages (majority language, foreign languages, second languages, first languages)? 

We focus on majority language teacher education and aim to provide concrete tools and study modules based on plurilingual approaches and building collaboration between language teachers and language subjects.


This is a project of the
European Centre for Modern Languages within its „Learning through languages“ programme 2012-2015.